16mm, 3:30, 1999, hand-drawing, rotoscope, cut-out, photo collage


A cathartic moment inspired by the turn-of-the-century case histories of Freud and Breuer and Elaine Showalter's modern reinterpretation of hysteria as a cultural disease.


Director/ Producer/ Animator: Jen Sachs
Sound Editor: Jen Sachs


Selected Screenings:

 Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA, 00), Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche (Germany, 00),

The Substation (Singapore, 01), Transat Video (France, 01), CRASH (Mexico, 01),

Studio 21 Film Festival (Japan, 01), Barcelona Festival of Independent Video (Spain, 01),

Project 101 (France, 01), Madurai Collective (India, 02),  NOVA (USA, 02)

©1999 Jen Sachs Productions